Young Adult Carers Forum

We run a forum of Young Adult Carers (aged 18-25) that get together once a month to discuss current issues and affairs regarding young adult carers in Swindon.

YAc male-carer

We aim to improve the lives of all young adult carers in Swindon by listening to them and acting out on their behalf. We want young adult carers to help us make a difference by having their say on issues that are important to them and any problems they may be facing.

All of our current members have previously worked with the Young Carer Forum, and are very passionate about working to really make a positive impact on the lives of Young Adult Carers in Swindon.

One of our key aims is to find and recognise more Young Adult Carers; we have realised that after age 18 a lot of Young Carers drop off the system and fail to get adequate support from the Adult Carers team. We believe it is vital that something more is in place for carers as they approach the age of 18 as a lot of their current support from Swindon Young Carers will be ending and it leaves very little for them to access after they turn 18. This is particularly important as these carers are at the age when lots of changes will be happening in their lives (leaving college, starting paid employment or an apprenticeship, or considering starting university) and without a decent support base, this can be extremely difficult for young adult carers, who are trying to juggle all of these things along with their caring role.

So far the Young Adult Carers Forum has helped to improve support in schools and colleges for young adult carers by raising awareness through the Young Carer  Award, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and we have established an action plan in which we aim to achieve things such as more meetings with key stakeholders from the local authority, adult social care, mental health services and safeguarding to promote the Young Adult Carer Forum’s aims; ensure better services and outcomes for young adult  carers through swifter registration to Swindon Carers Centre; and gain a wider understanding of the changes in legislation that affect young adult carers, to name but a few.

If you believe you may be a Young Adult Carer or know someone who is and currently isn’t receiving any support, we are here to help. You can find us in the Swindon Advice and Support Centre, where someone will be able to signpost you to the right place to get help and support. Or alternatively you can contact Emma Jenkins at Swindon Carers Centre on (01793) 531133.