Young Carers are children and young people, up to the age of 18, whose lives are affected by looking after someone. This may include physical or learning disabilities, long term illness, mental health problems, or misuse of drugs or alcohol. This may be a parent, brother, sister or other family member.

The care they give maybe physical and /or emotional. These responsibilities may include:

  • Personal care
  • Housework
  • Lifting
  • Shopping
  • Giving Medication
  • Looking after brothers or sisters
  • Cheering them up
  • Helping fill in forms
  • Reminding them to do things


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What can Swindon Young Carers offer?

Every young carer has the right to an assessment of their needs. This will be completed by a Young Carers Support Worker and will help find the best services for the young carer. This normally takes about an hour and a Support Worker can meet in the young carers own home or arrange an appointment at the Swindon Carers Centre.  Once the assessment has been carried out, the Young Carers Support Worker will offer a number of choices that may include the following:

  • Telephone, text or e-mail support
  • time out, away from home with a Young Carers Support Worker
  • activities in small groups during school holidays
  • short breaks and residentials
  • weekly/fortnightly groups mixing with other young carers of the same age. These groups are run by Swindon Borough Youth Service
  • to be part of the Young Carers Forum
  • referral to other projects or groups
  • possible funding for activities

Our Young Carer Support Workers will be able to:

  • Offer intermediary support for carers registered with Swindon Carers Centre only, on issues relating to their caring role based on the individual need as assessed by a relevant carers support worker
  • Discuss with you the needs you have identified and what you would like to achieve
  • Support carers where appropriate to provide an intermediary service and communication with statutory services or other organisations
  • Offer carers a short term intermediary service where timescales have been agreed and reviewed as appropriate
  • Signpost you to other organisations if it is felt that they are able to meet your needs more appropriately

Our Young Carer Support Workers will not be able to:

  • Be independent advocates
  • Voice our opinions in meetings with other professionals
  • Attend a meeting on your behalf
  • Take minutes of the meetings on your behalf unless we have the [1]lead professional role, but we will make notes for our records
  • Support the person you care for
[1] Lead professional roles will only be held by Parent Carer Support Workers and Young Carers Support Workers where there is a current Common Assessment / Team Around the Child Meeting (CAF/TAC) in place.

Coming to Young Carers gives me a chance to make new friends and have fun. (aged 12)

Going out with the Young Carers Support Worker on my own gives me the chance to talk about how I feel about things. (aged 16)

I like having fun and not having to worry about things at home for a while.(aged 9)

You can also access lots of interactive things to do for young carers via the Carers Trust Babble site.