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A real community champion: Our interview with Donna from Morrisons

Morrisons Community Champion Donna is a huge support to many charities, hospitals and hospices, schools and care homes in Swindon – including Swindon Carers Centre.

Thanks to Donna and Morrison’s regular contributions, we are able to give our registered carers the support and help they need, from food parcels to toiletries, which can be used for pampering hampers – helping people to take a little time out for themselves.

It is great to hear that Donna, who has been with Morrisons for 10 months, and has been their Community Champion since November 2020, is finding her new role a real joy.

“Community Champions are very important to the store,” she told us. “It has got bigger and bigger over the years. Morrisons do support us 100 per cent, they donate so much to different charities, it is unbelievable what they do. The customers, they buy things, and it goes into the food bank as well.

“My manager approached me to be the store’s Community Champion, and I said, “why me?” He said, “because you’re approachable and you always have a smile on your face”. I was unsure at first, but it is just amazing. My role is very worthwhile, very rewarding. Especially when people come in and they are so grateful for the things I give them; it is absolutely fantastic.”

Once again, we’ve like to say a huge thank you to Donna and to Morrisons for their continuing support, they really are community heroes!

To find out how you can support Swindon Carers Centre as a business, visit our Partnerships page.