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Are you a winner in our 50:50 Lottery?


The winning numbers in our 50:50 Lottery Club for October and November have been drawn and are as follows:





 1st prize 1005  Wins £66.50

2nd prize 1035  Wins £19.00

3rd prize 1082  Wins £9.50



 1st prize 1081 Wins £66.50

2nd prize 1090 Wins £19.00

3rd prize 1022  Wins £9.50


The 50:50 Lottery Club is a great way to support unpaid carers in Swindon and you also have a chance of winning a cash prize.

All proceeds raised each month are split 50:50, with half going to Swindon Carers Centre and the other half being retained as the prize fund.

Thank you to everyone who plays our 50:50 Lottery as you are helping us to support people with caring responsibilities in Swindon.

It costs just £5 a month to join our 50:50 Lottery Club, so if you would like to take part you can find more information here.