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Carers Rights Day

Carers Rights Day is a day for all our carers. Whether you are new to your caring role, or you have been caring for a while, we would love as many of you as possible to get involved.

We think it is important that you know your rights as a carer, so that you can access the support you need. Our event in Swindon will be held virtually this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on Friday November 20th.

We hope it will include many of the elements that have made Carers Rights Day so successful in the past – including information presentations and a Q&A session featuring local decision makers.

In addition, we are looking for carers who can share their stories, experiences and opinions for Carers Rights Day. Please get in touch to help us raise awareness of what it means to be an unpaid carer. Tell us what is important to you, and the type of support you value most.

We will need all participants to sign up ahead of the day itself. Email: carers@swindoncarers.org.uk to register for the event or to be interviewed.