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Carers Week 2020: Maria’s story

Please read on to hear Maria’s carer story in her own words – kindly shared for Carers Week 2020.

Being a carer for my daughter has been a challenging and worrying one over the past 15 years, none the less it has been rewarding with her being a superstar along the way.

There have been lots of hiccups on our journey and at times everything seemed to be a battle. Being positive has made our journey a happy and memorable one. Caring to meet the needs of my daughter is a 24/7 job with days of tiredness, lack of sleep and no breaks. Alongside the day to day aspects of looking after my daughter, I am having to keep track of her appointments and assessments, as well as monitoring her achievements and setting new personal goals for her to attain. One recent achievement that made me proud was that she started sleeping alone in her own bedroom.

With hard work, resilience, love and care from her family, friends, school, medical staff and her speech therapist, we have tried to give my daughter the very best and to help her enjoy every moment.

During lockdown, Maria received funding for a camera that she and her daughter can use for interactive dancing. This is something that her daughter loves to do (but has not been able to while shielding at home).

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