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Carers Week 2021: Paul’s story

I am a full-time caregiver for my mum, she has dementia and corticobasal syndrome.

Swindon Carers Centre is invaluable. Upon becoming my mother’s carer I had no idea of what, when, and whom to turn to! The information and direction given has been extremely helpful, from patient care to advice on available funding for both the caregiver and patient, to social contacts.

The social gatherings and zoom meetings throughout the pandemic have been a saving grace for me personally. Something as simple as meeting up and just chatting gives me, the caregiver, something to look forward to and a much needed rest.

The ability to meet others and realize you are not alone…to hear, and seek advice from other carers is something I probably wouldn’t have done without help from Swindon Carers Centre. Simple things such as a quiz night can become the highlight of the week.

I have nothing but great admiration for all the help and ongoing support from all of you… thank you so much!

This week is Carers Week 2021. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing our carers’ stories – to recognise the vital contribution they make to families and our local community. Please listen in and support our Walk A Mile event on Saturday June 12th by fundraising or donating: www.justgiving.com/campaign/SCCWalkAMile2021