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Caring during Covid-19: Annabelle’s Diary (Thursday)

My name is Annabelle and I am a mother and parent carer for my son Vincent (5 years) and daughter named Vala (11 months). Whilst he is still on the waiting list for a diagnosis assessment for the second time, he has been characterised as Complex Special Needs. Just like any regular parent, you do anything you can to help your child. But in our household, it can mean anything from helping him dress, reminders to eat and being gentle with his baby sister. Every day is different, whilst it can mean the same routines and reminders, it can also hold hope and a new possibility. Even when we struggle with his behaviours and traits at times, we still wouldn’t have him any other way.


We had quite an upsetting situation come about in the early afternoon. My dad came by with some bits of shopping I couldn’t get when we went out yesterday. Who would have figured butter would be out of stock?

He arrived in his 1943 overland quarter ton truck, a.k.a his WW2 US Jeep. But we call her Poppy, Vincent calls her ‘The Gunbus’. Poppy is Vincent’s favourite vehicle and he has been able to sit in her since he was 8-months-old.

As it was sunny and quite warm, I didn’t blame my dad for taking her out. So, when Opa showed up on Poppy, Vincent assumed we were being taken out for a joyride… He was so upset when he found out we couldn’t that he burst out crying. He ran up to me and refused to get off my legs for half an hour. Eventually he did, but burst out crying again and ran into his bedroom. On his run he bumped into Vala making her cry too. I was trying to comfort both kids at the same time in his bedroom, one would start wailing louder each time the other did!

So when Opa was leaving in The Gunbus he immediately ran up to the window to wave goodbye. I explained we’d see him again tomorrow, as he’s going to drop some more bits over that weren’t in stock this time.

Well after he’d calmed down a bit more, we went downstairs to plant some poppy seeds. How coincidental! I bought poppies as I knew he’d be more interested in planting them for their name and they’re one of the easiest flowers for children to plant. When we were about to go back indoors, I had the fright of my life when Vincent and I spotted at the same time a huge spider waiting on the door! It tried crawling into the door opening, I’m not sure it knew how big it was. I had to call daddy to come and get it off. If you think I’m silly for being scared of spiders, you try looking contently at something with eight to ten legs literally legging its way toward you!