Do you worry about what would happen to the adult/child you care for if you were taken ill or had an accident?
If so, the Emergency Card Scheme can offer you peace of mind.
What is an Emergency Card?

If an emergency should occur and you have a carers emergency card, plans can be put into place quickly to support the adult/child you care for.

You develop your own emergency plan, with help from staff at Swindon Carers Centre if required. The plan has information about you and the adult/child you care for and what you would want to happen if an emergency prevented you from carrying on with your caring responsibilities. For young carers under the age of 16, the plan will say who will look after you in an emergency situation.

This emergency plan will be registered with the Urgent Care Centre at Great Western Hospital, Swindon. You will be issued with a card similar to a credit card. The card has a unique number linking to your emergency plan and a 24-hour telephone number.

In an emergency, anyone finding the card can call the number on the card and quote your unique number. Staff at the Urgent Care Centre would then ensure your emergency plan is put in place.


How do I join the scheme?

Once you are registered with Swindon Carers Centre, you can complete a registration form. The staff at Swindon Carers Centre will review your registration form and contact you if any further information is required. If you have an existing emergency plan in place, we will ensure this is linked in to the scheme.

If the adult/child you care for has complex care needs, the staff can help you to develop an emergency plan to accommodate this. If you cannot nominate alternative contacts to take over some or all of your caring role, Social Services will make arrangements in an emergency situation.

To request an Emergency Card Scheme application form, please contact Swindon Carers Centre either by phone or email and we will arrange a form to be sent to you.

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