Young Adult Carers are carers aged 18-24. We are here to support young adult carers in their caring roles during this transition in to adulthood.

We aim to identify and recognise as many young adult carers as we can. It is important to distinguish young adult carers from other carers as they are at the age when lots of changes will be happening in their lives, such as leaving college, starting paid employment or an apprenticeship, or considering starting university. Without a good support base, this can be extremely difficult for young adult carers, who are trying to juggle all of these things along with their caring role.

We also run several specific events and social activities for young adult carers.

If you believe you may be a young adult carer or know someone who is and currently isn’t receiving any support, we are here to help.

Visit our ‘Register with Us’ page to find out more about accessing our support.