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Organise Your Own Fundraising Activity for Swindon Carers Centre

You can create an online fundraising page for Swindon Carers Centre in just a few minutes where people can donate online and help spread the word.

To view our JustGiving and create your own fundraising page, click here.

To create your page, click ‘Fundraise for us’. If you are an existing JustGiving account holder, simply enter your account details to log in. If you do not have an account, enter your email address to sign up to JustGiving (this won’t cost you anything!).

Tips for your fundraising page

  • Include your story. Make sure anyone who visits your page knows why you’re fundraising for Swindon Carers Centre and what it means to you.
  • Let everyone know how you’re going to fundraise.
  • Set a fundraising target – people who have a target on their page raise up to 46% more!
  • Include updates. If you’re taking on a challenge, like 25 press-ups a day for 25 days, or preparing for an event, make sure you’re updating your page and letting people know how you get on.
  • Share when you’re getting near your target. You’re much more likely to smash your goals this way. Once you reach your target, you could set yourself an even higher goal. The sky’s the limit!
  • Upload a photo, or a whole album of photos! They make the page more personal and help tell your story. If you’re fundraising in support of someone close to you, it could be really nice to include a photo of you together.
  • Include your offline total. If you’re also collecting funds offline using a sponsorship form, or a collection tin, make sure you update your page with the full total you’ve raised.
  • Share your page. Post it on your social media, send a mass email, text it to your mum, make a leaflet for your neighbour. The more people that know about it, the more people can get involved! Don’t forget to share it a few times, especially when you’ve posted updates.

If you are planning an event to support Swindon Carers Centre, or if you are a local organisation interested in supporting us, either by holding an event, donating prizes or becoming a business partner, let us know! Email info@swindoncarers.org.uk.


Ethical Fundraising Policy [FIN3]

Ideas on how to fundraise!

Awareness days

Use an awareness day to fundraise. For example, you could join us for our Walk A Mile event during Carers Week in June.

Barn dance

Get your cowboy boots on! Organise your own event such as a barn dance and charge an entry fee.

Cycling challenge

Take part in an event and ask for sponsorship or create your own sporting challenge.

Dress down day

Hold a fun dress down day at work or school. Don’t want to go casual? Choose a theme and dress up instead!


Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk. You’ll raise a free donation for Swindon Carers Centre every time you shop, it’s that easy and it’s completely free!

Film night

Set up the big screen and choose your movie. Get everyone to donate the cost of a cinema trip.

Golf day

Get outside with friends and organise a charity golf day event.

Hiking challenge

Set yourself a hiking challenge. Think creatively, see how long, how far or how fast you can walk!

International food night

Ask everyone to bring a different dish from around the world and collect donations.

Jumble sale

Your unwanted possessions could be another person’s treasure! Encourage people to have a clear out and raise money at the same time.

Karaoke night

Organise a 'donate to enter' karaoke evening and enjoy singing out loud.

50:50 Lottery Club

Become a 50:50 Lottery Club member. Support our carers and have the chance to win a monthly cash prize.

Matched giving

Don't forget to ask your employer about matched giving. If your workplace agrees to this, you could double the amount you raise!

Name the...

Name the teddy (or choose something else). Charge per entry, and provide a percentage of the money raised as a prize. People can also compete to win the teddy.

Open day

Do you have a colourful garden in full bloom? Or perhaps you live somewhere with an interesting history. Host an open day and offer refreshments!

Pet show

Invite animal lovers to take part. Think of unique titles, like the laziest dog and the prettiest dog! You could even ask a local pet shop for sponsorship.


A classic. Set a date with your local pub or village hall and start thinking of questions. Give us an email for materials and inspiration.

Record breakers

Think creatively! A common record breaker is to ask as many people as possible to do the same thing at once. Ask for sponsorship or donations to take part.

Sponsored silence

Ask your teachers, friends and colleagues to sponsor you to be silent for a day. Great to get out of meetings, terrible when you’re asked what you want for dinner!

Tea party

A fun and easy way to raise money. Have a great time with friends and simply ask them for a donation.

Useful skills

Handy with face paints or nail varnish? Offer your skills in return for donations. You’ll have people queuing out the door for haircuts, manicures, and facials.

Vintage clothes swap

People pay a small fee for entry and you can raise funds on the day with activities and bake sales.


Making a gift in your Will to support our work. You can leave a specific amount (a pecuniary gift) or part of whatever is left over once gifts have been distributed (a residuary gift). Contact info@swindoncarers.org.uk for more information.

X marks the spot

Leave a trail of clues around your office or whole town. Get people into teams and the first to finish wins. Charge for tickets to enter.

YOLO Challenge

You only live once. Tick something off your bucket list, inspire others and get sponsored.

Zodiac party

Everyone has to dress as their star sign at your soirée. Play some games, organise a quiz, and maybe people will meet their match. Ask for donations to attend.