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It’s Census Day!

Don’t forget that 21 March is national census day. Every household should have received a letter and unique access code to enable them to complete the census. If you do not wish or are unable to complete it online or need any extra support then help and paper forms are available from the census website and the national call centre.

You can also contact the local Census Support Centre in Swindon who are able to help you complete the form over the phone. The contact details for all of these are below. Remember that there are questions specifically about those providing or receiving care so it’s really important that we have an accurate and up to date picture of the position at both a local and national level to enable government, local authorities and charities to provide services and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Census website: https://census.gov.uk/

National contact centre: 0800 141 2021

Language helpline: 0800 587 2021

Swindon Census Support Centre: 01793 466650 or by emailing census@vas-swindon.org.