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Meet the Team

We have a team of experienced and dedicated staff and volunteers who are always pleased to speak to you and help in any way we can. If we can’t help, we will do our best to redirect you to the most appropriate person for your needs.


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Board of Trustees

Hannah Crawley

Hannah Crawley

Chair of Trustees
Mubbisher Ahmad

Mubbisher Ahmad

Vice Chair | Trustee Safeguarding Lead
Chris Sims

Chris Sims

Trustee | Company Secretary
Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore


Neil Steptoe


Elaine Fordham


Susanna Jones


Adult and Older Carer Support

Stuart Ilbury

Stuart Ilbury

Head of Service Delivery for Adult and Older Carers | Designated Safeguarding Lead (Safeguarding Adults with care and support needs)

Tina Richards

Deputy Service Delivery Manager | Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Safeguarding Adults with care and support needs)

Amanda Winsor

Adult Carer Support Practitioner

Alice Godfrey

Adult Carer Support Practitioner

Amy Cadman

Adult Carer Support Practitioner

Katie Beckett

Adult Carer Support Practitioner

Tanya Hawker

Health & Social Care Liaison Officer

Sonya Beale

Carer Support Administrator

Nick Precious

Emergency Card Scheme Administrator

Heather Goldsmith

Events Manager

Zoe Beckett-Furnell

Adult Carers Events Coordinator

Tim Saint

Welfare and Benefits Coordinator

Kelly Kemmett

Benefits Service Coordinator

Parent Carer and Young Carer Support

Debbie Murphy Myers

Debbie Murphy-Myers

Head of Service Delivery for Young and Parent Carers | Designated Safeguarding Lead for Children and Young People

Andrea Macdonald

Deputy Service Delivery Manager (YC/PC)

Steven Webb

Young Carer Support Practitioner

Claudia Oliveira

Young Carer Support Practitioner

Hayley Melville

YC/PC Events Coordinator

Lorraine Kardasz

Parent Carer Support Practitioner

Isabel Tate

Parent Carer Support Practitioner

Communications and Development

Ruth Larkin

Head of Business Development

Anne Saunders

Media and Communications Manager

Monica Chumber

Community Engagement Officer

Jill Crooks

Communications Assistant

Finance and Resources

Suzanne Hunt

Finance Director

Bronte Hague

Head of Resources

Cathy Turner

Senior Resources Officer

Sally Herron

Resources Assistant

Sujata Baskaran

Finance Officer/Bookkeeper