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New £15,000 grant to boost support for young adult carers in Swindon

YAC Inspiring Change 2021 will be run by the Young Carers Team at Swindon Carers Centre after a successful application for funding from the Carers Trust and The Quilter Foundation.

The funding comes at a critical time when many young adult carers looking after a parent, sibling or family member are experiencing additional pressures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young adult carers will learn how to build their self-esteem, and improve their coping strategies around mental health, so that they are better able to care for themselves, as well as their dependents.

Debbie Murphy-Myers, Service Delivery Manager for the Young Carer, Young Adult Carer and Parent Carer Team at Swindon Carers Centre said:

“This grant will provide much-needed support for young adult carers within the Swindon community, making a lasting impact beyond the life of the project itself.

“It is key to distinguish young adult carers from other carers, as they are at the age when lots of changes will be happening in their lives, such as leaving college, starting paid employment, or considering starting university.

“When young adult carers turn 18, their ability to access many services falls away. We build a ‘scaffolding’ around them so that they are prepared for adulthood and life as an adult carer. This project will provide additional opportunities for young adult carers to have their voices heard, and influence services within Swindon Carers Centre and locally in Swindon.”


The Quilter Foundation is the charitable arm of Quilter, a leading provider of advice, investments, and wealth management both in the UK and internationally.

Swindon Carers Centre, part of the Carers Trust Network, has been working to reach and to support young adult carers during the Covid-19 pandemic, holding virtual drop-in sessions, as well as working to raise awareness with employers.

Plans for monthly sessions as part of YAC Inspiring Change 2021 include discussions on healthy relationships, finance, careers, and maintaining positive mental health.