Carers are the largest source of support in the UK, so it is in everyone’s interest to support them.

Many carers have to try to balance their caring role with their job, or need extra support to return to the workplace if they have lost employment due to caring. Juggling caring responsibilities with work can be challenging and stressful, so without employer support and understanding, Carers can become exhausted and unwell. This can be damaging to both the home and work environment.

What is the ‘Swindon Employers Care’ Award?

The aim of the award is to support employers to recognise and value Carers in the workplace, so they may be able to better balance their work lives and caring roles.

During 2017, Swindon Carers Centre worked in partnership with Swindon Borough Council and their Carers group to develop an award for employers in Swindon. The award has 3 standards, covering 4 areas: Leadership and Management, Identification and Support for Carers, Developing Organisation to meet Need and Carer Involvement.

Organisations involved in the pilot are: Swindon Borough Council. Intel, Swindon NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and Nationwide. Results of the pilot will be published in the Autumn of 2018, with the aim of rolling out the award to all Swindon employers.

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