Roy has been volunteering at least twice a week in our Benefits and Welfare Team for over three and half years. He does this alongside many other volunteering roles across Swindon and said he joined Swindon Carers Centre as a volunteer “to complete my collection, I have now worked for every benefit agency in Swindon.”

Roy volunteers as a Benefits Assistant where he meets with unpaid carers registered with our service.  After using an online benefits checker, Roy offers advice and information on accessing relevant available benefits and can offer support to carers in completing relevant forms.

Volunteers play a vital role in our benefits service for carers. We have been able to help over 400 carers a year with benefits advice. Roy is an amazing volunteer and we were delighted when he won his Pride of Swindon Award last year for his services to our organisation. We were thrilled to hear he won a second Pride of Swindon Award as a team member with a sister agency.

For more information about volunteering in our Benefits and Welfare Team, contact Julie Collar, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator on 01793 975311 or You can also click here for more information.