Volunteers are essential to our organisation so we are able to offer even more support to carers using our service.  We strive to recruit volunteers who are representative of our carers and the wider community.

Our volunteering opportunities can make a difference: 

For our carers of all ages and their families:

  • By enhancing the support we can offer within our groups, activities and events
  • Enabling them to access additional support which may have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation

To our volunteers by:

  • Providing opportunities to meet people and get to know the community
  • Develops skills and experience
  • Offering new experience, skills and training which can be added to their CV
  • Being part of a fun and friendly organisation
  • Recognising and championing carers rights

To our organisation by: 

  • Supporting the achievement of the organisations’ ‘Mission’
  • Sharing skills and experience so we can develop the support for our carers of all ages
  • Facilitating innovative approaches to our work with carers of all ages
  • Engaging with the wider communities and citizens in innovative ways, including hard to reach groups
  • Supporting governance and accountability
  • Bringing a unique perspective and credibility