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Working Carers

What is a working carer?

Working carers are employees with caring responsibilities. These employees are responsible for the care of relatives or friends who due to illness, disability, a mental health condition or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

Why should employers support working carers?

Many carers are balancing their caring role with their job or need extra support to return to the workplace if they have lost employment due to their caring role.

Supporting carers can have many positives:

  • Retaining skilled and experienced employees.
  • Lowering staff turnover
  • Improving service delivery and increased productivity.
  • Increasing employee resilience
  • Reducing recruitment costs as talented employees are retained

Juggling responsibilities with work can be challenging and stressful for carers. Without employer support and understanding, carers can become exhausted and unwell themselves. This can be damaging to both the home and work environment.

How can employers help?

  • Raise awareness of what it means to be an unpaid carer within your workplace
  • Encourage employees who are working carers to register with Swindon Carers Centre
  • Get involved with Swindon Carers Centre to support your staff who are carers

Employees can register as a carer with Swindon Carers Centre using our online form.

Click here to request Swindon Carers Centre leaflets to share in your workplace.

Get involved with Swindon Carers Centre

Further resources

Please click on the report titles to view them.

Supporting working carers: A guide for employers 

A guide commissioned and reviewed by Public Health England (PHE) and developed by Health@Work. Created to provide information to help organisations support those employees who
may have caring responsibilities for family or loved ones.

Carers UK: Let’s Talk About Flexible Working

How flexible working could help you, and how to start the conversation with your employer. 

Juggling work and unpaid care: A growing issue

Research from Carers UK shows that the number of those juggling work and care appears to be far higher than previously thought. This is one in seven of all workers, compared with the previous figures of one in nine workers. 

Prince’s Trust: Supporting Carers in the Workplace

This toolkit provides the knowledge and practical advice your business needs to support informal carers. It includes best practice support for carers from Aviva, a template ‘carers passport’ and other resources.

The CIPD: Supporting Working Carers

The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. The report presents detailed findings of the first UK study based on a representative sample of working carers.

A Greater Manchester Working Carer Toolkit: For Employers