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Young Adult Carers

Am I a Young Adult Carer?


Young Adult Carers are carers aged between 16-18 who look after someone within their family, this may be a parent, brother, sister or other family member who has an illness, physical or learning disability, a mental health problem or misusing drugs or alcohol. Any carers over the age of 18, including Young Adult Carers, are supported by our Adult team.


We aim to identify and recognise as many Young Adult Carers as we can. It is important to distinguish Young Adult Carers from other carers as they are at the age when lots of changes will be happening in their lives, such as leaving college, starting paid employment or an apprenticeship, or considering starting university. Without a good support base, this can be extremely difficult for Young Adult Carers, who are trying to juggle all these things along with their caring role.


A recent Carers Trust survey found that 45% of Young Adult Carers reported having negative mental health and reported that 56% of Young Adult Carers are struggling at college or university due to their caring role.

YAC carer with mother
YAC carer with mother

How can Swindon Carers Centre help?

We have a dedicated Support Practitioner who will meet with you to complete a Carers Assessment and agree support and signposting if needed.

We want to ensure that all Young Adult Carers have the opportunity to have a break from their caring role, so we run several specific events and social activities, as well as facilitating college drop-in, potential funding for resources to support employment or education and 1:1 support if needed.

‘Our Time’ is a social group for Young Adult Carers aged 18 to 25, which is all about helping carers of this age to take time away from their caring responsibilities.

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