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Young carers and Ramadan

Thank you to Mahnoor, who is part of our Young Carers Forum, for sharing this piece around being a young carer during Ramadan. 

Being a young carer isn’t easy, it requires a lot of sacrifice. As the month of Ramadan comes to an end, I just want to share my experiences of participating in Ramadan and being a young carer all at the same time.  

Ramadan is a time of spirituality and is a very important event for all Muslims around the world, with millions of Muslims participating. The fast begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. This is a very exciting time in the build up to Eid – a large celebration after the 30 days of fasting. 

Ramadan can be a bit hard for young carers. After coming home from a long day at school, they are faced with adult responsibilities which are a part of their daily life. Ramadan is a time for family, and having family members with special needs can often mean that this family time is minimised. Young carers often have to adjust their Ramadan routine around the person they care for. 

Although Ramadan can be a bit different for young carers, we still love to participate in this blessed month. Ramadan is a time for showing love and care to all, especially those who are less fortunate and need looking after. I as a young carer love to participate in Ramadan, and include my brother in the rituals and celebrations of this holy month.  

Ramadan Mubarak to all and have a happy Eid.